I love helping clients overcome unnecessary anxiety and suffering.

Public Speaking Phobias and Stage Fright

I have worked with a range of professionals speakers and performers and help them overcome stage fright. I have also helped executives from the oil industry to the NHS overcome public speaking phobias and stage fright and successfully deliver keynotes to conference audiences up to 700 people.

Many of us have suffered traumatic life events like accidents and injuries which can take their toll on our wellbeing and resilience. For athletes and professional performers, these can seriously harm their earning potential. I worked with Amazon best selling Author and TEDx speaker, Shaun Attwood, who was suffering from PTSD. He had a few sessions of the shaking therapy and was blown away by how much better he felt. Mindset issues.

Many performers have mindset or inner game blocks to performance. I have dealt with outwardly very successful performers who are crippled with self-doubt and fearful of “going to the next level”. This is where mindset coaching can come in and this one of the most rewarding things to do as a coach.

What next?

If you are interested in improving your performance please contact me for a no-obligation chat about where you are where you would like to go. I don’t work with everyone and rest assured, all enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.