Congratulations! You want to improve your public speaking!

That takes courage. Whether you have a full public speaking phobia or it’s specific situations that make you anxious, there is help out there! It could be that you worry about delivering keynotes, chairing meetings, pitching to clients or delivering seminars, or all of these!  You know you need to come across well and demonstrate your professional expertise. Or it could seriously damage your career. That’s probably why you’re here.

So why am I the person to help you?

I’m a an experienced and fully qualified and insured coach and complementary therapist. In addition, I’m licensed to practise at Harley Street.

Over the years I’ve helped a range of corporate clients with various levels of public speaking anxiety.  I have even worked with professional speakers and actors suffering from stage fright. It can happen to anyone!

How do I help you?

My methods are based in the way your nervous system actually works. They go beyond telling you to ‘imagine your audience naked’ or ‘it’s not nerves, it’s excitement’ or any of that nonsense. Well-meaning advice, but totally useless if your nervous system is in fight or flight!  You’ve probably found that out for yourself.

I have a toolkit of therapeutic skills and relaxation strategies to help you in the quickest time possible.

I can work with you in person in Harley Street, in your office or via phone or video conference.


The first 90 minute session is £450 follow up sessions are £350 per hour. I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions.

This package will help you deal with your nerves.  As a result you should be able to tackle speaking situations with more confidence. The work involves a mixture of coaching and therapeutic interventions. Usually, there are emotional reasons and memories associated with public speaking anxiety and we will deal with these. Then we will calm and settle your nervous system. I will give you a toolkit of relaxation strategies you can use independently.

If you have any questions, feel free to book a complimentary chat with me.