A sample of testimonials from clients including Executives, Entrepreneurs, Professional Speakers, Performers and a UN Ambassador*

Public Speaking Confidence Testimonials:

“For some years I have been suffering from quite severe stage fright, after a traumatic experience about 3 years ago which left me paralysed to speak or move in front of a large crowd. Although never a natural at public speaking I had never experienced a ‘total blank’ in front of professional colleagues, about 100 of them. It left me totally disabled professionally as my job requires me to present to or address large groups of people on a regular basis. I coped through avoidance mainly, but in worse case scenarios I would be anxious for days.

Olivia introduced me to IEMT. Her enthusiasm was contagious and although very sceptical at first she was able to convince me to have a session with her. The one session helped me enormously by reducing the intensity of the emotional reaction provoked by the thought of presenting; it was as if the memory of the traumatic experience had faded in the vague distance. I presented to a group of people a few days after the session and I felt no anxiety prior to or during the presentation and this in turn gave me a huge confidence boost.
There is still some way to go, but I was impressed the short session could have such power. Recommended it to a friend of mine, who was equally impressed.”

Lianne, Executive

“Olivia helped me to deliver my best performance as a motivational speaker, no matter how challenging the scenario.

As an experienced and confident professional speaker, there were a couple of triggers that could really hinder my performance and were holding me back. And more importantly, the fears of those reappearing were also a major challenge and ongoing stress for me.

As a scientist, I was sceptical about being able to make an instant fix, but Olivia invested time in listening to my specific challenge, and with the right questions worked with me to figure out the roots of the problems.

She then used a few different methods to tackle them. First, she worked to break the mental pattern/triggers so they don’t happen, and then she taught me other techniques to use to identify the triggers if they ever appeared again and control the outcome.

Right before my biggest gig, our consultations lifted a huge weight and I’ve gone from strength to strength since then and am keynoting at even bigger events with confidence and without concern.

For anyone with any concerns about their performance or unfulfilled ambitions, it is well worth investing in a consultation.”

Sacha Dench, UN Ambassador, conservationist

Trauma and PTSD Testimonials:

“Olivia’s TRE sessions were two of the most profound days of my life. Having emerged from a violent prison with PTSD, the first shaking session cleared out a big proportion of my trauma. Having tried other forms of therapy, I was amazed by the intensity and efficiency of the shaking method. Afterwards, I emerged at peace with the world and have enjoyed lasting benefits.”

Shaun Attwood, Amazon best-selling author and TEDx speaker 

“Olivia is a very warm and friendly facilitator of TRE.
I had never  heard about it before this week and she called me up to explain what it was and how it is used and I was assured and excited to come to the class. During the class she explained everything really well and took us through the process.
TRE helped me to destress I loved the way it made my body release tension and feel in over all better health afterwards. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to destress or let go of trauma.”
Grace Viccary, Actor

“Thank you so much for the session today. You were brilliant. I’m not just saying that. To me, you were intuitive, non judgemental and empathetic. You made me feel completely at ease. I felt safe in your hands. I found the session cathartic, healing and purging. I feel very calm and feel a sense of wellbeing I have not felt for a very long time. Thank you.”

WB, PR Consultant, Trauma Survivor

“She has a welcoming manner that puts you at ease straight away. It doesn’t take her long to get to the root cause of your issue. She doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable truths. Her flash light reaches the deepest depths of your mind, nothing escapes it. My time with her has been life changing. I can’t recommend her enough.”

LM, Consultant

Last week I had a session with Olivia to release a deeper level of trauma I have been experiencing. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session but from the beginning, I felt that Olivia really understood what I needed. She guided me gently through the process intuitively, used a number of different techniques and the results have been amazing. Following the session, I feel lighter and clearer and a weight of responsibility has been lifted. What I loved was being able to take away tools that I can continue to use myself. I would not hesitate to recommend Olivia

Lis C. Trauma survivor, public figure, author and Professional Speaker

“I needed a treatment for my fear of surgery, hospitals and giving birth. Your treatment helped me to forget the bad images of my experience and I believe this can help me through future events. Actually this week I had a dentist appointment and a small surgery. I was very happy about my calm reaction and after one hour I felt great.”

KZ, Birth Trauma Survivor, Consultant

* Full names supplied with express permission, confidentiality is key!