Trigger Warning

Birth Trauma

Customer Pain: This client was experiencing flashbacks and panic whilst undergoing routine dental treatment. This occurred following a medical trauma. She reported that she had experienced an emergency caesarean 2 years earlier. A huge amount of medical staff suddenly rushed in and she realised this was a life or death situation. The key memory that stuck in her mind was her baby was blue and not breathing when he was pulled out. The child survived but my client was left with unresolved anxiety and fear even 2 years later. She also experienced post natal depression and she reports that her career was held back. She was also very fearful of becoming pregnant again.

How I solved it:
I treated her with a single session of an Eye Movement technique that helps neutralise negative memories.

What the client valued most:
She reported the treatment was quick and efficient and required minimal talking.

In her own words:

“I needed a treatment for my fear of surgery, hospitals and giving birth. Your treatment helped me to forget the bad images of my experience and I believe this can help me through future events. Actually this week I had a dentist appointment and a small surgery. I was very happy of my calm reaction and after one hour I felt great.”

The most unusual one!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Customer Pain
Shaun Attwood is a former stock-market millionaire and Ecstasy supplier who became an award winning author and TEDx speaker. He speaks about his 6 years in America’s deadliest prison. He has a popular YouTube channel with 170000 subscribers. His story has been featured on National Georgraphic’s Locked Up Abroad. Despite being out of prison for seven years when I met him he was still suffering from symptoms of PTSD which include flashbacks, anxiety and disturbed sleep.

While he was in prison he had witnessed people getting murdered by gang members and prison guards. There was also the trauma of fearing for his life on a daily basis, all the injustices and mistreatments he and his fellow inmates were subjected to. Added to this was the trauma and guilt of what he and what he had put his family though.

How I solved it
I used a trauma release technique called Tension And Trauma Releasing Exercises. We did 3 sessions altogether. This technique involves activating the body’s natural tremoring mechanism to release deeply held tension and trauma from the body and the mind. The body shakes and resets itself. There was a huge release of emotion and fear and Shaun has said he feels a big part of the trauma got cleared out just in our first session.

What he valued most
Shaun has given me several recommendations and testimonials.

In his own words:

”Olivia’s TRE sessions were two of the most profound days of my life. Having emerged from a violent prison with PTSD, the first shaking session cleared out a big proportion of my trauma. Having tried other forms of therapy, I was amazed by the intensity and efficiency of the shaking method. Afterwards, I emerged at peace with the world and have enjoyed lasting benefits. Olivia is such a warm caring person which enhanced our energy exchange. Her positive vibes are contagious.”

Every time he’s had a with me session since then, he feels he’s become a more relaxed person. The treatment gives him a natural high and he feels clearer and more alive. 

Most typical

Public speaking phobia harming career and confidence and wellbeing.

Customer Pain
Lianne is an NHS executive. She had become terrified of public speaking after going blank on stage in front of 100 colleagues. The organiser had to get onto the stage and remind her what she’d been talking about. She was completely mortified and embarrassed. The merest possibility of a presentation would send her into a panic. After this event she would do everything she could do and try her best to evade and avoid including persuading a colleague to give the presentation. If she really couldn’t get out of it she would be nervous for days. This problem was detrimental to her career.

How I solved it
Just one session of me waving my magic wand! I used a technique called IEMT or Integral Eye Movement Therapy to zap the memory and
programming that was at the root of her phobia. We worked on the associated trauma and neutralised the memory of the embarrassing
event. This helps to reduce the panic.

What she valued most:
2 weeks after our session she messaged me and said: “OMG, I just gave a presentation at work and wasn’t nervous before or during. I can only think it’s to do with the treatment you gave me!”

She gave me this LinkedIn recommendation:

For some years I have been suffering from quite severe stage fright, after a somewhat traumatic experience about 5 years ago which left me with performance anxiety. As a consequence I started avoiding speaking in front of a large crowd, which left me totally disabled professionally as my job requires me to present to or address large groups of people on a regular basis. Olivia introduced me to IEMT. Her enthusiasm was contagious
and although very sceptical at first she was able to convince me to have a session with her. The one session helped me by reducing the intensity of the emotional reaction provoked by the thought of presenting; it was as if the memory of the traumatic experience had faded in the vague distance. I presented to a group of people a few days after the session and I felt no anxiety prior to or during the presentation and this in turn gave me a huge confidence boost. Although my performance anxiety persists, the one session helped me and I am confident further sessions will tackle the issue.

Most delighted

Customer Pain
Negative self talk. Feeling they had to accept the status quo and unfulfilled career and personal potential, Tara Patten is a content creator and presenter.

How I solved it
I used a combination of techniques. I used systemic coaching to map out and explore the hidden family dynamics that were underlying her issues. We used post it notes to create a physical representation of the issues facing her. I also used IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) to neutralise her negative self-talk including the voice in her head still telling her she was a klutz!

What she valued most

Her Linkedin Testimonial:

I must admit I was a bit skeptical of coaching before I met Olivia. I thought I had everything “under control” and I was very confident. I was certain I didn’t really need any coaching. After first meeting with Olivia she immediately made me feel energised and comfortable with her practice. Our session provided me great insight and freedom from obstacles that have been holding me back since childhood. The family dynamic I also felt to be quite
normal was something I had never considered as a block.

Without going into detail I had been hanging onto a negative dialogue that I believed to be true, when in fact it was not the case. With a wave of her fingers and some positive reprogramming I was free from the voice in my head that said I was a klutz!

If I had known then what I know now; I would not have waited a second to book a session with Olivia James. She really knows what she is doing and genuinely helps clients like me to create the life and business beyond what they can currently dream!

I highly recommend The Harley Street Coach, Olivia James and I am eternally grateful to her for the progress I have made in just a matter a weeks since our first session.