Integral Eye Movement Therapy

This eye movement technique works on releasing negative memories that can lead to self-limiting behaviours.

This happened to my client who avoided public speaking after a traumatic event where she went completely blank after 2 minutes in front of an audience of 100 colleagues. After just one session she was able to present again without any nerves.

The client keeps a negative memory in mind while following the practitioner’s moving finger. Once a memory has been neutralised it doesn’t tend to bother or “activate” the client in the same way. The other good thing is that this technique is content-free meaning the client doesn’t need to share the details of the negative memory with the practitioner.

Issues I’ve used IEMT on: Public Speaking fears, limiting beliefs affecting career and social life, recovering from a painful break-up.


Quite severe stage fright…after a ‘total blank’ in front of professional colleagues left me paralysed to speak or move in front of a large crowd. I presented to a group of people a few days after the session and I felt no anxiety prior to or during the presentation. Thanks so much Olivia!!!

Lianne, Executive

Qualifications / training
I’m an Advanced IEMT Practitioner. I’m a member of the Association for IEMT Practitioners.

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