My name is Olivia James and I work with people who are tired of getting triggered by performance anxiety. I specialise in treating public speaking anxiety and trauma.

Aspiring and established public speakers and entrepreneurs:

Do you want to be on top of your game?

Nail every presentation and pitch?

Accept and pursue new opportunities fearlessly?

If you’re ambitious and want to succeed without nerves having a negative impact when it’s your turn to speak, I can help.

I have a reliable track record and have helped a range of clients improve their performance in meetings, on stage and in front of the camera, helping them grow their business and advance their careers.

So how exactly do I help clients?

One tool I use with success is my knowledge of the human nervous system.

My clients tell me I have the edge on regular performance or “mindset” coaches because I work very quickly and effectively.

Your mind and body both need to be ‘on board’ for optimal performance.

Typical client results:

  • Increased Performance 
  • Optimal Confidence in all situations
  • More Sales
  • More Resilience
  • Increased Productivity and Focus

Some Public Speaking Confidence Testimonials:

Both these clients were recovering from bad public speaking experiences and were extremely anxious about a reoccurrence:

“The one session helped me by reducing the intensity of the emotional reaction provoked by the thought of presenting; it was as if the memory of the traumatic experience had faded in the vague distance. I presented to a group of people a few days after the session and I felt no anxiety prior to or during the presentation and this, in turn, gave me a huge confidence boost.”

Lianne Jongepier, Head of Clinical Quality Transformation, NHS

“Olivia helped me to deliver my best performance as a motivational speaker, no matter how challenging the scenario.

As an experienced and confident professional speaker, there were a couple of triggers that could really hinder my performance and were holding me back. And more importantly, the fears of those reappearing were also a major challenge and ongoing stress for me.

Right before my biggest gig (a keynote to 700 people), our consultations lifted a huge weight and I’ve gone from strength to strength since then and am keynoting at even bigger events with confidence and without concern.”

Sacha Dench, UN Ambassador and Conservationist

Read more testimonials here

I also work with a small number of VIP and high profile Trauma Survivors helping them recover and rebuild their confidence and resilience.

My guarantee to you:

Absolute discretion and client confidentiality. My style is warm, direct, friendly and fun. I aim to deliver maximum benefit in the shortest possible time. I teach all clients relaxation and stress management techniques they can use independently.

You no longer need to suffer from anxiety or trauma.

Olivia, The Harley Street Coach.

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