I help high achievers overcome performance anxiety.

My name is Olivia James. I’m a fully qualified coach and therapist who specialises in public speaking anxiety and trauma. I use my knowledge of the human nervous system to help busy entrepreneurs and public speakers to

  • speak up with confidence in meetings;
  • nail every presentation and pitch; and
  • accept and pursue new opportunities fearlessly.

What My Clients Say

"Right before my biggest gig—a keynote to 700 people—our consultations lifted a huge weight and I’ve gone from strength to strength since then . . . This is decoupling the irrational panic from my ordinarily kind of rational thought process. It's just amazing, scientific magic."
"One session helped me by reducing the intensity of the emotional reaction provoked by the thought of presenting. It was as if the memory of the traumatic experience had faded in the vague distance."

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