TRE stands for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises and was developed by Dr David Berceli. TRE is great for releasing physical tension patterns. This revolutionary technique involves activating the body’s innate natural tremor mechanism.

It looks very strange but is very powerful at releasing deeply held stress and tension that can harm your performance. Shaking helps the nervous system to settle and enables you to deal with life’s challenges better.

Benefits include being less reactive to stress and more effective and confident at work and in relationships.

There are many testimonials from army veterans who have found it very useful for recovering and settling the nervous system back down after active duty. Once this innate tremor mechanism has been activated, physical tension patterns are gently released. The body naturally begins shaking and unwinding and releasing tension.

It is used by healthcare professionals for stress management as well as for addressing specific physical issues including injury recovery. You can practise by yourself once you know the routine.

I’ve helped people with releasing physical tension, relaxing for mind and body, becoming more present and reducing anxiety.


Olivia’s TRE sessions were two of the most profound days of my life. Having tried other forms of therapy, I was amazed by the intensity and efficiency of the shaking method. Afterwards, I emerged at peace with the world and have enjoyed lasting benefits.

Shaun Attwood, Amazon best-selling author and TEDx speaker

Qualifications/ Training

I’m a fully qualified Certified TRE Provider. I trained internationally with TRE creator Dr David Berceli. I attended Dr Berceli’s level 1, 2 and Advanced workshops and successfully completed an extensive yearlong supervision process to obtain my Certified TRE Provider qualification.

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