stage frightYou’re a grownup but you feel nervous and flustered and it’s not fun!

Your physiology takes over. Your brain stops working properly, your voice may shake, you stumble your words, you are certainly not looking like the knowledgeable professional you’re meant to be!

Self-expression and sharing your ideas is scary for many people.

However, when it comes to promoting your business and advancing your career, it’s a key skill.

Many of us need to do public speaking in one form or another. 

Public speaking anxiety is very common but most people have no idea about how they can fix it.

So why the flip is so difficult?

It’s frustrating. It’s embarrassing. We get flustered.

We just want to get it over with, we may sound muffled, stumble our words, speak way too fast or even go blank! One person confessed: “It scares the bejeezus out of me!”

“I hate pitching. I hate asking for money, I hate being put on the spot.”

‘If I win an award I’ll mess up my thank you!’

There are many reasons why people suffter from stage fright. Psychological, evolutionary, cultural and physiological.

 But isn’t it just a matter of practising and doing “exposure therapy”. IE JFDI

Well, exposure therapy can work, but it’s not the quickest or most elegant or most painless way. 

When you see an expert like me, I use techniques that go straight to the heart of the problem, which is why I’m able to fix stage fright, even severe cases, in a handful of sessions.

I have helped people get ready for TEDx speeches and large keynotes. One of my former clients has overcome her stage fright so successfully she’s now become a UN ambassador!

All my work is strictly confidential and there really is no need to suffer. I know the frustration and how it’s easier to just hope it’ll go away by itself. But it won’t and your career and well-being will suffer.

And I know how hard it is to make that first step, but please rest assured that if you get in touch with me, there will be no hard sell.

And we just want to see if we’re a good fit.

Drop me a message to book a chat.