I offer a small amount of Trauma and Confidence Treatments exclusively with VIP and high profile clients. I’ve successfully treated clients affected by PTSD, medical and birth trauma, violence, bereavement, suicide, physical and psychological abuse, accidents and media intrusion. 

I use a range of mind-body and psychological therapies and techniques. I avoid too much talk therapy as I don’t find that the most effective way to help my clients achieve recovery and post-traumatic growth. In fact, some talk-therapy can re-traumatise the client and can be counterproductive and ineffective.

I trained internationally in a body based trauma therapy (TRE) with Dr. David Berceli.  The certification process was a year long and I was taught by the best supervisor in Los Angeles. I also use an eye movement therapy similar to EMDR but considered by many to be more effective and client friendly.

I am sensitive to the needs of trauma survivors and high profile individuals.

Prices start from £600 for a 2-hour session in Harley Street.  See my Trauma and Confidence testimonials here.